Filigree coffee mug branch/leaf handle 14 oz porcelain hand formed high fire


Faceted porcelain coffee mug black handle, red


Wall Vase 9"


2 prong hairstick 5 3/4 inches long cocobolo shown. Specify length and wood when ordering.
2 tiny 3 prong hsirsticks, 3/4 inch wide. 3 1/4 inches long choose colors when ordering.
3 prong hairstick, average 5 1/2

Mermaid Wall sconce, holds 20 oz water, hangs on nail, white porcelain, marine colors


Set of 6 Colorwood WANDS, 11" long, hand-spiral turned of beautiful colorwood stripes set with crystal in the ends.
Morgan's hair with 2 prong hairstick

Morgan's Mane has been handcrafting accessories for 35 years.

Our first faire had 19 hair hairsticks on the table. The next weekend there were 30. And so on until today we average 2000 different items on the counter at any given show.

We hand cut and shape, finish the hair combs, and we turn these crochet hooks and knitting needles BY HAND. Almost no one does this anymore. Each one is a little different, they are all Individually handcrafted.

In a world of Mass-production, these handcrafted hair and fiber tools are special indeed.